Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Closet Inventory : Completed

The project I started this summer if finally over. As much as I hate to stop, I need to for my own sanity. I got into this thing where I tried to recreate it as best as possible. So you'll spot some Mishka (sweater/dress), Betsey Johnson (tights/dresses/cardigan), Marc Jacobs (shoes), Uniqlo (dress), and Zara (everything). I have a problem with getting overly detailed...




Here are a few highlight outfits I got a little too pattern happy, or just generally liked wearing.

F21 blouse, PegLeg skirt, Sam Edelman shoes

F21 flannel, Rebel 8 shirt, KillCity jeans, Vans slip-ons

Sister's old thrifted sweater, F21 dress, Zara boots

Kimchi Blue hoodie, Free People dress, Gap tights, thrifted boots

Pins and Needles blouse, Silence & Noise trousers, Ann Demeulemeester wedge sandals

PS- I may post a single outfit periodically in the future if I really love it. There's no denying that I'll be creating new outfits later on.


elena said...

they have zara in the states now?!

Samhain Moon said...

I really like the beginning of December's color scheme! Good job, Yara.

Anonymous said...

seriously. i love this. and i've been wanting to do something similar ever since I saw it!

Marcos said...

I love all these and the detail. Awesome project

Marcos said...

oh and you should totally make a yara paper doll now !