Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Work + Sketchbook

This year I've been able to work on a few fun projects. As with a lot of projects though, some can't be shared. I was able to help out doing some non-profit work for the Kansas City Quills and redesign their logo and put a postcard together for an event earlier this year.

It isn't often that I get to do t-shirt designs, but Thunderbeard apparel provided me with a quirky opportunity back in May. Plus, it was my first real time drawing men's hair/facial hair.

In between freelance work, I've managed to get more personal work done. Unfortunately for my blog, Instagram is a much faster way of sharing these pieces (without having to worry about scanning and editing). I tend to post immediately after I finish, so check out my profile for a more up-to-date view of my creative happenings.

0.7mm pencil on left, mixed media on right

ballpoint pen (as usual)

5x8" acrylic painting in my sketchbook

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